On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink.


Hey guys,

How ya’ll doing on this fine day! So today I was feeling quite whimsy and decided to pay homage to one of the greatest coming-of-age films ‘Mean Girls’ and wear pink on a   Wednesday. Now it was quite hot so I had to eat a popsicle while shooting to cool me down, so just see it as part of the prop for my outfit (ok). I bought this T-shirt dress from Miss Guided which I love, because it’s so cool and casual; funny enough it sort of reminds me of the baggy shirt Kady from ‘Mean Girls’ wore aswell.. (Come to think of it, not sure if that’s actually a good thing). I decided to jazz up the dress with this vintage necklace and my crazy cat-eye sunglasses. And lastly, I completed the look with my ankle boots. What I love about this dress is the diversity you have to style it to whatever suits you, and today I decided to go for a different look than usual… Not too sure if it works though.

Leave a comment below and let me know if this was a hit or miss.

Love VickyStylez.x

Style List

  • Dress: Miss Guided £15
  • Boots: La Moda £20
  • Necklace: Vintage Market n/a
  • Sunglasses: Ebay £3


Summer ’16


Hey guys,

Missed me much?! I probably sound like a broken record but I’m back with the weekly posts. I must admit it is hard to balance blogging with work and other activities in life, but I’m going to really try and stay consistent with this. But moving on, I am in love with the denim on denim style, because I feel it shouldn’t work but it does. I remember back in the day when this would be a fashion faux pas but now it’s a popular trend. Everything I’m wearing is from ASOS but the brands are different. I paired the New Look denim shirt with this ASOS pencil skirt, the skirt has buttons on the front and a slit at the back which I feel gives it a unique look. I added a brown belt to contrast with the outfit and completed the look with Reebok classics and my brown bag which is by the brand ‘Glamorous’. This outfit is perfect for the summer, because denim blue and brown are complimented by the sunny weather and it’s also an outfit you can switch with heels to give it a classy chic look.
Let me know what you think in the comment box below.

Love VickyStylez.x

Style list:

  • Shirt: New Look £20
  • Skirt: ASOS £26
  • Belt: ASOS £8
  • Bag: Glamorous £15
  • Shoes: Footlocker £50
  • Sunglasses: ASOS £10





Hey lovelies!

This week I want to share with you an item I am currently loving. I bought this cardigan some time ago but decided to bring it out of the closet, because I’m feeling to go for a hippy vibe this summer and this fits the bill. The NewLook multicoloured cardigan is lightweight and slightly oversized, so I love to wear it on days where the weather could be unpredictable during this season. This cardigan can bring a pop of colour to a plain outfit and also jazz up a casual look. As summer is only a few days away I decided to show some skin and style the cardigan with a white crop top and keep it casual with my ASOS blue jeans. My shoes are plain trainers which I purchased on Amazon and I like to wear them on super chilled days.

All in all I put together a really simple look, but I wanted to showcase this cool ASOS cardigan which I can’t wait wear again this season.

Leave a comment below letting me know what you think!

Love VickyStylez.x

  • Style list:
  • Jacket: ASOS  N/A
  • Top: Missguided  £10
  • Jeans: ASOS  £28.99
  • Shoes: Amazon £12.99

Fun In The Sun

Fun in the sun


Hey guys missed me much..

So I know I have been away for some time (what’s new), but I have had a few affairs which needed to be taken care of – so I took some time away from the blogosphere  and social media. But I’m back now and will make it up to my readers by posting frequently this week with some exciting content. But moving on- It’s that time again where I share my style mood of the week with Polyvore fashion. The weather has been looking up lately and summer is around the corner. Though I may not have a holiday planned this year as of yet, I’m still feeling the vacation spirits and making style choices with visions of warm beaches and a cheeky cocktail to enjoy on a little get away. I styled this outfit with a combination of warm summer colours which will look fab with a summer glow.

The mustard camisole top contrasts with the baby blue pencil skirt but works as the colours complement each other. I paired them with the cat eye sunglasses to give the look some edge and brown gladiator heeled sandals to finish the look, which is also a must wear this season. This outfit works well as a look in the day and also in the evening with a simple switch of the heels and a jacket in case it gets cold.

Leave a comment below saying where your summer destination is this year!

Love VickyStylez.x

V neck top
£5.04 – pinkqueen.com

Blue skirt
£14 – amazon.com

Bamboo greek sandals
£21 – jcpenney.com

Cat eye sunglasses
£27 – lorisshoes.com

Updated Facial Skincare Regime


Hey lovelies!

This week I’m going to share with you my updated skincare regime. I have recently discovered a few products that I now include in my facial regime and swear by. I developed dark spots and scars which I felt my former regime was not repairing, so I did some digging and found products that were recommended for this issue.  Ever since I’ve started using them I saw results almost instantly, with the dark spots barely visible.

1) Biore charcoal pore minimiser – This exfoliator  goes above and beyond with minimising my pores and leaving a smooth finish. I apply this three times a week as it can dry out your skin if you use it everyday. But since it’s effective , 2-3 times a week is the perfect amount of use.

2) Witch overnight clearing serum – Now out of all the new products, I feel this is the one which produces the most results. It helps to visibly reduce spots and blemishes and it certainly has worked for me. Even when I randomly break out this serum truly works it wonders and also prevents new spots forming. This product is good for all skin types as it’s oil-free and doesn’t dry up the skin.

3) Simple eye balm – Now I have probably mentioned this several times already but I tend to have under-eye bags which I try to keep under control with good sleep and plenty of water. However, I have come to terms that my eye-bags are hereditary so with all the effort they are still visible. But since using this eye balm, I have noticed a slight reduction of lines and dark circles. I also recommend this product to anyone who regularly receives puffy eyes as it helps to reduce that aswell.

4) Nivea rich regenerating night cream – This product restores colour into my skin after a long day and I apply it every night feeling refreshed. And although this cream has a rich texture, a little amount still goes a long way and leaves your skin feeling like a baby’s bottom.

5) Simple replenishing rich moisturiser – Lastly, I apply this moisturiser every morning after I use my Cerave cleanser. It produces a vibrant dewy look to give me a fresh look for the day ahead. This product is also inexpensive which is a plus for the good quality.

These are the new products I have included to my skincare regime which I believe works well for me. If you experience similar skin problems then why not give these products a try and see if they might also work for you?

Leave a comment below with favourite facial products.

Love VickyStylez.x

Pretty In Pink

Pretty in Pink
Hello my lovelies!
Here is another style of the week reflecting my current mood. I have been obsessed with all things pink lately and Rihanna’s Puma slippers could not have come at a better time! The weather is finally looking up and it’s a perfect time to bring out the spring colours and say goodbye to coats and layers. I paired the bandeau boohoo dress with a NLY  pink bomber jacket which is currently in trend.  It’s lightweight and easy to put away in a bag if it gets too hot. The Fenty slippers can complement any outfit to achieve a casual look and this baby pink is the colour of this season. Lastly, the Debenhams cat watch also completes the look with a cute finish.
If you are in love with this outfit just as much as I am, you can purchase the pieces at Polyvore.

Leave a comment below telling me what your style mood of the week is.

Love VickyStylez.x

Bandeau midi dress
£28 – boohoo.com

Puma sandals
£53 – revolveclothing.com.au

Cat watch

Nail treatment
£10 – etsy.com

Update Alert!

Hey guys!

I know I have been a ghost for a couple of weeks now. But I decided to put everything on pause in order to concentrate on my last few weeks at university, because exams and final projects are no joke! But now I have  finished university  (hooray!) I feel better than ever and can finally give my full attention to the blog and also venture on exciting opportunities which I will reveal soon.

So this week I just wanted to give you an update on things… From now on I am going to be blogging every Monday instead of Sunday. I recently took on a job that requires me to sometimes work weekends and I don’t want to fall into the habit again of being inconsistent due to other circumstances, so Monday it now is.

Secondly, I will be writing online content for Yahoo Style as a fashion blogger. So if you want to see more of me, I will provide the link soon where you can check it out.

And Lastly, I have so many more projects and fun events coming up this year, so stay tuned to come on this adventure with me!

Love VickyStylez.x

Spring Clean The Negativity


Spring is the time we clear out the old and start afresh. Many people don’t realise this can include de-cluttering your life and spring cleaning the negativity out. I have had my fair share of detrimental situations that I worked on overcoming and being in a better place, so I want to share with you all some of the steps I took to lighten up some areas in my life.

1) Cleanse your thoughts

We all go through times where we feel discouraged, angry, jealous or hatred for whatever reason. However, when these negative emotions are harboured overtime it becomes destructive to our happiness and well-being. Take some time to assess your feelings to understand why you feel this way and work on discarding all that negative energy out the door. Try finding a way to deal with any stress or issues you have by fixating your mind on happy thoughts, take up a new hobby and talking to a friend or perhaps counselling? I always tell myself that bad situations are only temporary and worrying about it won’t change the future.

2) Weed out toxic relationships

Many of us believe that quantity is more important than quality or holding onto relationships only because you have known them for years even though it’s no longer valuable. My friend, it is time to let these relationships go if you know deep down it doesn’t feel right anymore. If you feel it’s just a rough time then that is a situation that can possibly be resolved through communication. However, if it has been an issue for a while with no solution then maybe it’s time to do what is best for you and focus on the good relationships in your life. There was a time where I felt like I had to continue friendships with certain people when deep down I knew those relationships were toxic and just so draining. I made the important step of taking them out of my life and I’ve never looked back.

3) Get fit and eat well

If you don’t already, start to move your body and shake up your diet. Exercising is a great way to feel energised, inspired and so alive. And eating healthy by cutting back on processed and fast foods will show a big improvement from the inside and out. I’m going to put my hands up and say this was my biggest issue, I just love food way more than the average person, but after researching and experimenting with recipes I found a diet that works well for me without having to sacrifice my favourite foods.

Leave a comment below if you would like me to go into more detail on health and fitness and share the tips you have on spring cleaning negativity out!

Love Vickystylez.x

5 Brilliantly British Things To Do In London

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the coffee is brewing. Spring is here and I’m ready to leave the cave I call my bedroom and explore the magnificent London city. As the weather is finally looking up in Britain, I decided to put together a list of things to do in London to honour all things British and wonderful.

The ritual of afternoon tea


Whether spending the afternoon with friends or having a treat with family, afternoon tea is an indulging experience for all to unwind and have a bite while doing so. The settings of afternoon tea are usually elegant and mouth-watering appealing. London has an array of cafe’s and hotels who provide consistently good food and great service at a reasonable price. Some places usually have an outside terrace where you can enjoy the view and feel the lovely weather.


Cooking classes



Still on the topic of food, why not have a go at making some British traditions, such as Sunday roast, British pudding or a carving master class? There are several cookery schools and workshops in London where you can attend a one-time class or take up a course to improve on your skills. There are classes for all ranges of cooking levels, or if you are feeling to attempt another cuisine there are various to try.


Secret Gardens


London is notorious for beautiful secret gardens plotted in hidden areas. A great place to hide away, admire the scene and reflect on life. Each garden has its own unique scenery making it perfect for people to visit and experience the different settings. You have Kyoto Garden at Holland Park with a Japanese style waterfall and peacocks walking along the banks, Brockwell Park features a calming fountain with vibrant flowers, Wildflower Meadow enclosed in Hackney and many more.


Visit the British Library


This feature is for all the book lovers out there. The British library is the second largest library in the world, so you can imagine the amazing and most intriguing books and articles you will find there. If you are a student or researcher it’s a perfect place to study or gather research. But if you are also looking to enjoy a good read and chill, there are other great libraries to explore, such as the BFI, V&A or Southbank library.


Shopping, shopping & more shopping!


And last but certainly not least, shopping for spring/summer. It’s around that time to switch up your wardrobe and bring out those legs and show the world what your mother gave you! And London has the best malls to get all you need and more.


So here’s the 5 brilliantly British things to do in London which I for one will start experiencing as we speak.


Leave a comment below saying the things you will like to try!


Love VickyStylez.x


Style Mood Of The Week

Brown On Denim


Hey Guys,

It’s that time again where I share my style mood of the week! This past week I have been into my browns, camels and nudes, so I put this outfit together which I feel represents this. Denim really compliments these neutral tones so I paired the camel top with a denim skirt and a beige lightweight jacket. The dark brown boots and bag add an extra touch of dynamic to the overall look, and the gold watch as a cute accessory.

I love this look and it’s something I will definitely put together soon!

Leave a comment below saying what your style mood of the week is…

Love VickyStylez.x

Brown jacket
£14 – stylemoi.nu

Oasis mini skirt

Office short boots

Nine West gold jewelry
£34 – lordandtaylor.com